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Prom is May 22; Learn about tickets, event details & more

Park Center Senior High's 2021 prom will be held at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley on Saturday, May 22. As with everything this year, prom will look a little different than what we are used to experiencing. 

This year, Park Center will offer a formal dinner instead of a dance. With the current guidelines in place, we will have a limit on the amount of tickets that can be sold. A total of 440 tickets are available for prom, and first priority will be given to the senior class. As we get closer to the event, any remaining tickets will be available for students in the junior class. Students will have the opportunity to purchase tickets online via SmartSchoolK12. Students will not be allowed to purchase a ticket if they have a fine; once the fine has been cleared, they will then be able to purchase a ticket.

Dinner logistics

Dinner will be split into two separate times: the first dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m. and end at 7 p.m. The second dinner will begin at 8:30 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. The 90 minutes between dinners will allow staff to ensure everything is cleaned and sanitized prior to the next group of students coming into the space.

Prom is an event that creates a lifetime of memories. The Junior Class Cabinet has worked hard to create a special, safe event for our students to celebrate the end of the school year. We are aware that students have not had any special opportunities in the past 14 months that are normal to the school year. We invite your students to enjoy a gourmet dinner and dessert catered by D’Amico kitchens at the Metropolitan Ballroom as a way to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.

Purchasing prom tickets


Tickets will go on sale beginning Monday, April 26. Tickets are $40 each and will be available on SmartSchoolK12. While the hope is that all students will use SmartSchoolK12, we understand that is not always possible. Students who can only pay with cash may do so in the cafeteria during all lunches starting April 26. We cannot accept checks at this time of the school year. Students will have an option to purchase tickets for either the 5:30 p.m. dinner or the 8:30 p.m. dinner. Please double check your order before submitting to ensure you are signed up for the time you desire.

Once tickets have been purchased, students can then report to the prom table in the cafeteria to sign up for a table at the event. (Note: Distance Learning Academy (DLA) students should email Mrs. Kallevig at to request their table.) Students will be able to sign up for a table of six with their friends; if the friend group is larger, we will work to put groups at tables next to each other. Students will then receive a physical ticket for the event that includes their table number. All students will need this ticket and an ID to enter prom.


Tickets will open to PCSH juniors on Monday, May 10. (Tickets will still be available for seniors at this point.) Purchase tickets early to ensure you get a ticket and the dinner time you desire!

Safety precautions

With a focus on the recommendations provided by the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health, as well as regulations put forth by the State of Minnesota, the Metropolitan Ballroom has implemented stringent safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of all guests. These include:

  1. Students will be required to wear masks properly and at all times when moving throughout the space.
  2. Students are free to remove their masks when seated at their table.
  3. Students will be seated six (6) to a table.
  4. Students will all enter in the same door; they will present their tickets and ID, walk through the buffet line and be directed to their tables.
  5. Tables will be numbered and we will have adult chaperones helping guide students to their tables.
  6. Tables will be dismissed 2-3 at a time to take pictures at the photo booth area outside (weather permitting).
  7. There will be multiple bathrooms available for students.
  8. Hand sanitizer and extra masks will be available at multiple locations throughout the Metropolitan Ballroom.
  9. Each dinner will have a separate group of chaperones.


Metropolitan Ballroom staff will be doing a complete cleaning of the venue before the event. Throughout the event, they will be doing frequent disinfecting of high touch points such as door handles, restrooms and bar surfaces. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event for guests to use and masks will be available upon request.


D’Amico Catering service staff will be wearing masks, sanitizing hands between tasks and wearing gloves at all times. The service staff are trained in COVID-19 compliant processes to keep themselves and guests as safe as possible, and all D’Amico Catering team members will be health screened at the start of their shift. They will be sent home if health-focused criteria is not met. Food will be prepared in a disinfected kitchen with staff social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and wearing gloves at all times.

Park Center prom expectations

  1. All students are expected to attend prom sober and drug-free and without the possession of chemicals and/or tobacco. Park Center staff will intervene with any student arriving at prom not sober/drug-free or in the possession of chemicals or tobacco in the following manner:
    1. Staff will call a parent/guardian to pick up their student at prom.
    2. If parents/guardians are not home, staff will determine the appropriate course of action.
    3. All alcohol and drug abuse/issues will be dealt with by administration the following Monday, according to the first, second and third violations as listed in the student handbook.
    4. If a student is removed from the dinner, there will NOT be a refund on their ticket.
  2. Once students leave prom, they will not be readmitted.
    1. In extenuating circumstances (phone/wallet left in the car) students must be accompanied by a chaperone to their vehicle.
  3. Students will be respectful to other promgoers, prom chaperones and building property. This is a school-sponsored event.
    1. Students who display inappropriate behavior will be reminded of this expectation. Continued disregard of the expectation will result in students being asked to leave prom.