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Important information regarding IB exams this spring

Park Center Senior High has been informed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization of the following regarding IB exams this spring: 

“Based on the information your school provided and in line with local or national health and safety restrictions, you are considered unable to administer examinations; therefore, your students’ results will be awarded using coursework marks and predicted grades for the May 2021 examination session.”

Students who registered for exams will still receive a score for their IB courses which may make them eligible for college credit. That score will be based on the assessments they are completing as part of their IB class and the predicted grade which will be provided by their teacher.

It is important to note that students are still eligible to receive the IB Diploma if all the requirements are met.

The IB Organization is very aware of the challenges that schools and students have faced this year and is committed to providing grades that are fair and accurate and will be recognized by colleges and universities.

Students are encouraged to stay focused on their coursework and the internal assessments they may still be working on.