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Provide input on this summer's Safe Learning Plan

Since the beginning of the school year, Osseo Area Schools has had its Safe Learning Plan shared online. This original plan was developed with COVID-19 guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, which included recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Updates were made to the plan throughout the school year as state and federal guidance changed and feedback was shared. 

The district is now beginning its transition to summer programming. Recent updates to state and federal COVID-19 regulations will change some of the procedures and processes scholars and staff have become familiar with this school year.

Osseo Area Schools’ latest Safe Learning Plan, which goes into effect Saturday, June 12, can be found on the COVID-19 Hub of the district website. Scholars, parents/caregivers and staff are encouraged to take a look and share their input. This latest version was again developed with guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education. It addresses the importance of staying home when sick, maintaining proper hygiene practices, continuing a disinfection protocol, and more.

Read the Safe Learning Plan and provide your feedback

Osseo Area Schools remains committed to maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. Your feedback and partnership is vital in helping our schools accomplish this goal. Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate.