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Park Center scholars explore job opportunities on Medtronic field trip

Park Center scholars explore job opportunities on Medtronic field trip

Not every high school student wants to pursue a college degree after graduation, and Osseo Area Schools offers programming to meet the needs of its scholars who intend to transition directly from high school to a career. On May 18, scholars from both Park Center Senior High School’s Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training (CBVAT) program and college and career readiness class visited Medtronic’s Brooklyn Center location to learn more about the facility and career opportunities that exist within this industry-leading medical device manufacturing organization.

At Medtronic, the scholars learned about the company’s history and career opportunities through an introductory video and from the site’s leader, Todd Lundgren, who also provided an opportunity for them to ask questions. 

The organization said its world-class trainers enable new workers with no experience in medical device manufacturing to come in and learn to become a technician, with many opportunities for advancement as they progress. Tour guides gave information on which skills and strengths their company’s recruiters look for when hiring entry-level workers and encouraged the touring students to take advantage of opportunities to learn skills such as focusing a microscope or working a 3-D printer. 

Both the CBVAT program and the college and career do a deep dive into exploring career opportunities around the Twin Cities metro area. They focus on teaching the vocational and soft skills that the scholars will need to succeed in their future careers and work to connect them with opportunities.