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Meet Park Center Senior High School’s new principal - Antwan Harris

Meet Park Center Senior High School’s new principal - Antwan Harris

Park Center Senior High School (PCSH)  principal, Antwan Harris, has come full circle with his tenure at PCSH. Harris’s career began at PCSH’s next door neighbor, Brooklyn Middle STEAM School (BMS), where he taught physical education, health and chemistry 23 years ago.

When budget cuts impacted his job after two years at BMS, Harris spent time at several different metro area schools, working as a teacher, dean of students, activities director, and principal before he landed at PCSH four years ago as an assistant principal. He then became the school’s head principal on July 1 of this year.

Harris said his tougher background of growing up in Chicago played a big role in his decision to pursue a degree in education and ultimately in educational leadership. 

“I had so many educators in my life who were influential in directing me to a positive space,” said Harris. “I looked up to quite a few of them, and I wanted to help influence students how I was influenced.”

Harris completed his doctoral degree in education in March 2023 with a focus on the confluence of literacy and self-esteem in high school students. He said he wants to continue that work by using his research to enhance PCSH’s efforts to help students in these areas. 

Harris said he enjoys being at Park Center Senior High because it’s a unique building, with hundreds of cultures and students from all over the world. 

“We are welcoming to all, and everyone here appreciates the fact that they can be themselves - from students to adults,” Harris said. To have a space where you can go and feel comfortable,  it’s tremendous. And this place has that.”