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Our staff works hard to provide meaningful instruction every hour of every day. We expect our students to have good attendance so they may participate fully in the learning process.

Reporting an absence

Please call the attendance office on the day your child is absent.

Students in grades 9-10

Parents/guardians of students in grades 9-10 should call 763-569-7612 or email with the name of their child and the reason for the absence.

Students in grades 11-12

Parents/guardians of students in grades 11-12 should call 763-569-7611 or email with the name of their child and the reason for the absence. 

Types of absences

Excused absences

Examples of excused absences are:

  • Illness
  • Religious holiday and instruction (not to exceed three hours a week)
  • Family vacations, provided prior approval has been obtained
  • Serious illness or death of a family member or close relative
  • Appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of class periods, provided prior approval has been obtained
  • Approved field trips
  • Family emergencies
  • Court appearances

Unexcused absences

Examples of unexcused absences are:

  • Absences without parental permission and/or administrative approval
  • Oversleeping or missing the bus/ride
  • Failure to follow the proper procedures when leaving the school building
  • Babysitting
  • Work at a business, except under a school-sponsored work release program
  • Any other absence not included under the attendance procedures

Instructional and learning opportunities lost through unexcused absence from class may not be retrievable! 

Clearing unexcused absences

If a parent/guardian is unable to contact the school on the day of the absence, a phone call or note will be required to excuse the absence. Students have five days to clear unexcused absences. After five days, any unexcused absences will remain unexcused.

Note: Minnesota law requires that the school withdraw any student after 15 consecutive absences, regardless of reason.

Attendance procedures

In the state of Minnesota, it is the law that all children attend school until the age of 18. Students who miss more than a combined total of three hours of school in one day are considered truant and in violation of the state law on compulsory education.

Park Center Senior High staff believe that classroom attendance and academic success are directly related. The following attendance procedure is an effort to assure this success. Class attendance is a joint responsibility to be shared by the student, parent or guardian, and school staff.

Student responsibility

It is the student's responsibility to attend each scheduled class. Classroom experiences are meaningful and essential components of the learning process. Meeting class attendance requirements helps instill concepts of self-discipline and exposes the students to group interactions with teachers and fellow students. It also enables the student to hear and participate in class discussions and involves them in educational experiences not available in other circumstances. Instructional and learning opportunities lost through absence from class may not be retrievable.

Students are also responsible to make sure all unexcused absences are cleared within five days. Students should check with the attendance office every once in a while.

Parent/guardian responsibility

Parents/guardians should:

  • Encourage their student to attend school
  • Inform the school in the event of a student absence
  • Work cooperatively with the school and student to solve any attendance problems that may arise

Teacher responsibility

It is the teacher's responsibility to:

  • Maintain an accurate attendance record
  • Start and end each class on time
  • Make each student accountable for their attendance by questioning students about all unaccounted and unexcused absences
  • Communicating attendance concerns

Attendance Lines

Grades 9-10

Jada Ingram

Grades 11-12

Lisa Hunter Donaldson